Poetry cornered ll

Green smoothie pictureOkay, one more dose of ‘humorous verse’, then I promise to inflict no further verbal vandalism upon an utterly disinterested world. For now anyway.

I will return to ‘normal service’, with more incoherent ramblings and disrespecting well-known art masterpieces.

There is also the nail-biting and completely miss-able final installment of the adventures of the world’s least helpful superhero – Procrastination Man.


Hypochondria haunts me, a lifelong curse,
Whatever you’ve had, I’m sure I’ve had worse,
Looking up symptoms, always obsessing,
The problems seem real, sometimes depressing,
An ache or a tingle, a spot or a pain,
Google the answers, make sure it’s germane,
My Doctors grow weary, try calming my fears,
‘It’s all in your head,’ Oh I’ve heard that for years,
I tried meditation, said ‘Om’ and relaxed,
But after ten minutes, the panic was back,
It might be genetic, or maybe it’s wheat?
I could give up the gluten, eat organic beet,
Try smoothies from kale, despite tasting grim,
Go on a fast, or perhaps join a gym,
It’s so self-involved, neurotic and sad,
It’s time I that learned, to be a little less mad.

Copyright J.Lennick 2015 All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “Poetry cornered ll

  1. All cyclists are suicidal, all joggers are fat, all vegans are nutters, all vegetarians are liars, all teetotallers are drunks, all footballers are gay, and all hypochondriacs are as fit as fiddles. These truths are self-evident but open to debate. Me — I believe in all of them and none.


    • Speaking as a frequently drunk cycling vegetarian hypochondriac, I’m not exactly the ideal dinner guest, although maybe that’s debatable.

      Truth is certainly an interesting topic, often bandied about in online discussions. As a general rule of thumb, it appears any website that contains the word in its title is usually a prime source of bullshit.


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