Poetry cornered?

Shakespeare bust pictureI’ve never been a great one for poetry, cockney rhyming slang is probably the nearest I ever got to a couplet in my youth. But what about verse? Is there a big difference?

It seems real poetry is a deadly serious business, with strict rules and regs. It nobly aims to stir the soul and enrich the spirit.

Verse is, perhaps, its rather more lighthearted cousin, playful, sometimes a bit silly and therefore entirely appropriate here. So in a fit of possibly ill-conceived and hubristic folly, I scribbled down a few lines.

I may inflict more on an unsuspecting world, depending on the quantity of bribes or death threats I receive demanding that I cease and desist.


Spring surprises, but never shocks,
Summer sizzles, melting chocs,
Autumn leaves, a lovely mess,
Winter chills, buy woolly vests!
Seasons change, the heart doth ache,
But love remains, and there’s always cake.


All friends electric?*

I’m so connected, always on,
Five hundred ‘friends’, but not for long,
A thousand more? I’m always eager,
Never enough, can’t quell the fever,
I meet them never, electric ghosts,
If the Wi-Fi fails, my life is toast.

* With apologies to Gary Numan

Copyright Jason Lennick 2015 All rights reserved.

Shakespeare Image: historicalportraits.com


10 thoughts on “Poetry cornered?

  1. I’ve never really gotten poetry, I have read maybe two or three that I actually liked and “got” but the rest of it does zero for me, which is a shame as whenever I get some followers I always manage to get some that post nothing but poetry, I never get to interact with those sites.

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