About me

Me pic sml 2It’s tough growing up in the bug and ‘gator-infested swamp-lands of Louisiana. So it was just as well that I was born and raised in the relatively ‘gator-free London suburbs.

I’m a copywriter, content creator and aspiring author. I plan to (one day) publish my short stories, become insanely successful and have a dream home built from Lego.

These days I reside in the suburbs of wonderful Copenhagen, with my partner Ann, and a cute but very naughty cat called Lulu, who has no concept of rules – a hoolicat, as we often refer to her.

When not writing or comically mangling the unpronounceable Danish language, I can often be found posting random musings and jokes on social media, reading, or trying to get my head around science and philosophy essays.

My Instagram is here, if you like that sort of thing and a portfolio of some of my design and photographic work can be found here.