Chimpanzee picWithin a short time of naming this blog, the doubts began to creep in. Sure, I like bananas, I also like the fact that we are related to them, just as we are related to apes and every other lifeform on Earth. In an age when many religious zealots still deny the facts of evolution, it’s important we spread the light of knowledge and rational thinking. And the nutritional value of fruit.

My main concern over the choice of name was people might interpret it as an attempt to appear whacky or zany. Some may imagine I’m one of those crazy types, who wears a hilarious comedy tie to work. The type with weird and annoying spectacles, who has a sign on their desk that reads ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here…’

Rest assured I am not that person. Yes I grew up with the often surreal and brilliant comedy of Monty Python, Spike Milligan and Woody Allen. Later came the Comic Strip and the Young Ones, Red Dwarf and the brilliant Father Ted and Black Books. I won’t even start on all the great American sitcoms and comedy movies, too numerous to list.

I admit I worship regularly at a tiny altar dedicated to great comedy living-legends like the Python team, light incense sticks in honour of our many comedy gods, such as Rob Grant, Graham Linehan, Charlie Brooker and Stewart Lee.

But please don’t label me whacky, zany or a bit mad. It will make me very angry and I may be forced to strike you with a very large fish.

Image from a stunning series of animal portraits by Brad Wilson