Need a hand?

No I don’t do weddings, Christenings or Bar Mitzvahs I’m afraid. But I can offer you any / all of the following at very reasonable rates:

  • Posts / articles for your blog, website or magazine on a variety of topics, with or without a humorous slant
  • Graphics for your blog, website or social media channels
  • Cover design for books, ebooks or even your duvet
  • Blog setup assistance and custom header design
  • Photo editing / retouching
  • Proofreading for your blog posts or articles
  • Full custom website design – in association with my UK-based web coding wizards
  • Ninja assassinations – sadly this service is no longer available

I’m especially interested in helping social entrepreneurs and others in the non-profit sector, as well as small startups and those in the creative industries. I have over twenty five years of experience in the non-profit sector, website design and content creation for lovely people, charities and businesses. So now I can use my ninja training for good causes.*

For further details, information on rates etc, please contact me here




*I was never really a ninja assassin, just to avoid any confusion on this point.