This is the end, beautiful friend. Possibly.

crocoduckI’ve been neglecting the blog of late, but thought I’d at least get in a final post before a doddering 2017 shuffles off into the wings, and a brash young 2018 leaps onto the stage, all bright-eyed and bushy of tail.

I don’t know if there will be any more halfbananas next year, it’s future – like the fate of the crocoduck – is uncertain.

It’s been an odd year and not just numerically. At times it almost felt like we’d slipped into a parallel dimension where up is down, black is white and a maniacal clown occupies the Oval Office, spewing ignorance and misinformation every time he speaks or tweets.

The UK is a sorry mess, tribalism, polarisation and scapegoating continue to dominate global politics and there seems precious little to instill much optimism for the year ahead. But it’s not all doom and gloom. I’m sure if you dig a little deeper there are things to inspire hope and cheer up even the grumpiest misanthrope. I just can’t think of many examples right now.

Whatever your goals and aspirations for the new year, I wish you peace, happiness and in the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln:Be excellent to each other. And… PARTY ON, DUDES!

Here I present my New Year resolutions and goals for 2018

  1. Get more exorcism
  2. Drink sensibly (eg not out of a clown shoe while wearing a false moustache)
  3. Learn the Fandango
  4. Do a tandem jump from a tandem
  5. Adopt an orphaned cricket
  6. Get more edjukated
  7. Get a bionic eye / legs
  8. Overcome my fear of crocoducks
  9. Wrestle the Pope
  10. Stop making New Year resolutions

Have you made any goals or resolutions? Do share.

© Copyright Jason Lennick 2017

10 thoughts on “This is the end, beautiful friend. Possibly.

  1. Now I’m afraid of crocoducks! They are very very frightening. Will you do the fandango? Sorry got a bit confused there. You don’t need no edjukation. But do come back and visit the blogosphere again!

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  2. Noooo! And when I’ve just ventured back in the blog pool, like literally today!
    Maybe an enforced break will do you some good, as it did me. Hope to see you back in the new year but most of all look after yourself and those that matter, it has been a pleasure reading your ramblings! 🙂

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  3. So it’s 2018 now here in England and I’m watching Nile Rodgers performing the disco-funk classic ‘Good Times’, so the year’s started on a happy note. Happy New Year!

    Maybe be an occasional blogger Jason? Or maybe just post ‘Trump is a massive bell-end’ once a month?

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    • Happy New year to you! Hope you enjoyed your funky-disco fuelled festivities.

      I guess posting ‘Trump is a massive bell-end’ once a month would be both accurate and time saving.. I guess we’ll see whether I have anything worth sharing in 2018.


  4. Hopefully, in 2018 the real world will rear up and bite those living in their little fantasy world, proving merely saying something is so does not make it so. Even if it takes the jaws of a crocoduck to do it.

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  5. One of my sons giving up? NEVER! THE WORLD OF BLOGGING WOULD NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. How can I drum into your unbelieving head how special you are, in every way?! The Lennicks – and the Mansfields – never give in…Love and hope are all. xx


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