Halfbananas is one year old today!

olderbettermug_medIt seems it’s exactly one year since an absurd idea became an absurd blog and halfbananas was launched upon an unsuspecting world.

It all started with an odd tale of mutant mushrooms and Armageddon. Thus the tone was set for the multiple servings of half-baked concoctions, delirious ramblings and occasionally almost readable flights of fancy that is today unknown to tens of millions of readers around the world.

For my followers old and new, many thanks for your support and I hope you will stick with me as we continue to explore the frontiers (or indeed back-ears) of this crazy mixed up planet of the apes on which we find ourselves.


© Copyright Jason Lennick 2016. All rights reserved.

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17 thoughts on “Halfbananas is one year old today!

  1. Amazing news indeed. But a word of caution, Jason — watch out for these birthdays for they like to creep up on one with stealth and cunning, quite out of the blue, unless one’s careful. Constant vigilance — that’s the thing!

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  2. I just explored my own back ears and I did not like what I found…
    Congrats on the one year though – I think you get a pay-rise or something. I got a 40% increase on my income when I hit my one-year blogiversary. Sadly though a 40% increase on absolutely nothing doesn’t go as far as you might imagine.

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    • Thanks James. I suspect that type of exploration is not for the faint-hearted. I may have a big splurge with the imaginary pay rise and buy an imaginary island in the Caribbean to spend the Winter.

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  3. Considering how many blogs disappear after six months (and I’ve considered that myself), one year constitutes longevity on WordPress. I wonder if there’s a blogging Medicare program?

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    • A good point Brian. I could certainly use some assistance from a nurse at times. Just remembering to take my vitamins or why I opened the fridge becomes a daily challenge. I’m worried one of these days I’ll forget I even have a blog.


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