Funny business

In the city recently, after doing a stint at my part-time voluntary job, I tried a new route home to explore a little and noticed this Thai restaurant name:


It reminded me of others I remembered from the distant past – there was a hairdresser called ‘Heads I do’ and another called ‘Hairport’. There are of course many more good examples online. So here is a little selection of funny (or painful) Business names. Enjoy.








Do you have any favourite funny / punny business names?


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12 thoughts on “Funny business

  1. I love punny business names. There used to be a furniture shop on the way to my Uni called Chester Drawers, which I thought was brilliant, but they changed it to something really boring like ‘something discount store.’ I was p-ed off with that.

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  2. Think my favourite is ‘Just Falafs’😀 Our local newspaper did an article on this a while ago. Some of the best ones in the area are: So Wok? (Take away), Curl up and Dye (hairdressers), Junk and Disorderly (second hand store) and my personal favourite, a mobile tanning service called U Rang a Tan – I just hope they don’t come out as orange as the old men of the forest!!

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  3. Actually, I knew of a hairdressers called “Curl Up and Dye” too. I guess great hairdressing minds think alike. From memory, other ones I’ve seen or heard of (I can’t remember which) are “Goldie Locks” and “Snippets.”

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