Tiny tales for a Tuesday

A new collection of fifty-word micro-fiction.


Lucky day
On the way to work I found a sports bag, filled with cash. Overjoyed, I decided to quit and went straight to see my manager. She looked shocked. “Holy shit, you found it!” Dazed, I handed over the bag and spent the rest of the day quietly weeping at my desk.

Second bite
The week my wife left me, the cat disappeared too. I kinda imploded and hit the booze hard. I felt like ending it, till that stray mutt showed up. One day, he bit a postal worker. Luckily she was the forgiving type, and single too. Things are finally looking up.

Mighty oaks
At school, we teased Dev about his accent and small stature. By the end of term, he was raking in a tidy sum from all the maths coaching. He’s doing well now with his tech company. He even gave me a job. I guess he was always the bigger man.

Chihuahua powers
The neighbours complained about her barking, but one day she dug up some bones in their yard. It was all over the news, and the media wanted interviews. I told them: “My little Bella has the gift.” People sneered, but Bella’s youtube is huge. And I got away with it.

Home truths
After the terror attack, Delia rarely went out. The world outside felt too unsafe. She had the TV for company and her meals delivered. One day her neighbour set fire to his kitchen. She lent him her fire extinguisher. They started dating and she stopped being afraid of what ifs.

© Copyright Jason Lennick 2016. All rights reserved.

Picture source: Omlet.de

7 thoughts on “Tiny tales for a Tuesday

    • Well they are simply stories, albeit very short ones. So I’m not sure there is a huge amount to ‘get’. Some might resonate, but clearly these don’t resonate with you. Maybe your resonator is broken?


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